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Rennes is the capital of Brittany.
It still holds the relics of its distinctive history, linked to the duchy of Brittany and Breton culture.
The city of Rennes has a very specific architecture, among its cobbled streets, timber-frame houses and stone buildings.
The city centre is formed around two principal squares, the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville and the Place du Parlement.
This city centre was conceived following the great fire which destroyed a large part of central Rennes in 1720.
This allowed the city’s resurgence, with many new building projects.
Various events take place in Rennes throughout the year.
The Rock’n Solex Festival is a festival taking place in May, organised by students.
Les Tombées de la Nuit is a street art festival which takes place every year in July.
In addition, the Transmusicales happen every year in December, promoting contemporary music.
The Great Sale is the big commercial event in Rennes.
Every year, on the last Wednesday of June, it brings together more than 500 exhibitors.
Museums and Monuments
The Rennes Museum of the Beaux-Arts was founded in 1974.
It brings together works of Rubens and Picasso as well as George de la Tour’s masterpiece, ‘The Newborn Christ’.
You can also go to the Science Centre, the Museum of Brittany, the Ecomuseum of Rennes or the Transmissions Museum.
Numerous buildings will attract your attention, especially the Champs Libres cultural centre, which, with its audacious architecture, imposes itself into the landscape.
The Opera of Rennes and Town Hall face each other, two buildings which are of a similar architectural style despite being designed by two different architects.
The buildings are designed in such a way that it seems as if they could ‘slot together’.
Parks and Gardens
7 main parks are found in Rennes.
The Parc du Thabor, which is at the heart of the city, is one of the most beautiful parks in France.
You can stroll around the 10 hectares of flowers and orchards and pass fountains and birdhouses, all in the atmosphere of a French-style formal garden.
Many activities are on offer!
As regards activities, everything is possible in Rennes!
Cinema, bowling, go-karting, indoor football, Laser tag, paintballing...
Take advantage of your stay in Rennes to dedicate yourself to new activities, with your family or among colleagues!
Rennes, it is the people of Rennes who speak of it best!
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